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Testimonials and recommendations

"Polonus offer a very stimulating way to learn the notoriously difficult Polish Language. Their courses are well prepared and are communicated in a clear and positive way by enthusiastic teachers. The different learning methods and techniques adopted by Polonus encourage a high level of student interaction and it is this level of interaction that develops positive results and a rewarding experience. The staff at Polonus considers you a friend as they help to integrate you into the community by offering advice and services to support your daily requirements. After six months of learning, I certainly do not consider myself an expert, but my understanding of the language and the ability to communicate have increased my standard of living here in Lodz, Poland. I thank and recommend my friends at Polonus."

(Paul, 32, Manager, England)

"I enjoyed the course very much. I like that it was not just a normal student-teacher relationship. It was more like friends speaking and learning together, which I enjoyed. I also liked that we were speaking a lot and the instructor would correct me whenever I made a mistake-this helped me improved my Polish a lot!"

(Sarah, 23, ERASMUS student, Germany)

"The lecturer was always motivated, patient, and positive in the way of teaching. It was also motivating to get positive feedback about my progress in Polish. Inversing the teacher-student role where the student explains to the teacher of the grammar taught in class, was a good way to make ideas clear."

(Nicolas, 23, Student, Switzerland)

"The lecturer is talented and she’s always smiling. She teaches at a good pace and she’s easily understood."

(Enis, 38, Turkey)

"Love the games and that the teacher was very accurate with explaining problems that we had about the language."

(Christian, 32, Masters Student, Norway)

"I really like the interest she shows, repeating many times if necessary and explaining everything very clear. Teacher followed my rhythm and I learned a lot. Thank you for teaching all the help and teaching me during all these months. I'm very proud to know you."

(Roser 40, Chemist, Spain)

"It is in my price range, it is flexible in course scheduling, it allows me to meet new students who are not Poles and it involves young people with a different approach to teaching. Teacher is a very likeable person herself, a definite plus when rooting for somebody's attention and cooperation."

(Ioana 36, English Teacher, Romania)

“Taking private lessons sometimes it could be boring but with Kamila and Kinga they were not. With Kamila we play some games using the dice and with Kinga she was nice enough to write some verbs in Spanish for me to translate to Polish. They both gave me a good amount of home work especially Kinga, but this is good I’m not complaining. I wanted to learn and this is OK with me. In my case since I have private lessons and having 2 teachers was good, on one side when I was taking lessons with Kamila, she is the person who would speak slowly and with a tone of voice a bit high anyway I’m learning the language correct. In the other hand Kinga was speaking a bit faster and with a normal tone of voice, for me it worked fine because when I speak with people at work or in the street they will not talk slowly. As you see having 2 teachers was very good for me because I experienced 2 different situations.”

(Raul, 43, Peru)

"Kamila zawsze miała kilka ciekawych sposobów jak nauczyć języka obcego. Była bardzo miła i dobra. Jej lekcje były naprawdę interesujące, dlatego chciałabym jeszcze uczyć się z jej pomocą. Dobra lokalizacja, mili nauczyciele, przyjacielska atmosfera."

(Dasza 17, Kaliningrad)

"The teacher always seems focused and eager to teach. Very friendly staff :) Smilling."

(Daniel, Denmark)

"Kinga: patient, cleary explains, organizes subjects well. I like working one on one with professor instead of working in a large class."

(Allan 23, Student, Florida)

"Kamila was always smiling and enthusiastic about teaching. I felt very comfortable. Interaction with material different than paper and pen. I was alone so for me it was perfect . You are all very nice people."

(JiBe, Student 25, France)

“About teacher: gives examples in my native language, creates friendly and relaxed atmosphere that makes studying pleasant, initiates conversations on subjects that are interesting for the students and asks them to express their opinion in Polish – for cuisine, fashion etc., so it is not only reading from the textbook. Flexibility of the class hours, central location of the school, friendly attitude of the staff.”

(Branimira, 36, Bulgaria)

"Patience and positive attitude."

(Stevo, 24, Sebia)

"Teacher was friendly and patient, even when I thought I should have learned the material. She speaks good english and I had no problem understanding her. Polonus was very quick in replying to my e-mails and very active in finding the perfect schedule for me. The course was perfect for the limited time I had in Łódź. The classrooms are nice and the location in central. The coffee is good :) "

(Sverre, 31, Norway)

"Speaks clearly. Enthusiastic. Flexibility of time lessons. Ease access (good location in the city center)"

(Yoann, 26, France)

 "I like her  atmosphere. Friendly. I like study Polish in this School. I want to study here as long as possible".

(Sayaka, Japan)

"Interesting explanations, modern, related to life conversations. Comfortable, flexible schedule, classes were made in convinient for me time.  We had a great time stadying at Polonus. Here you can not only learn the language but find out interesting information about Poland, do sishtseen. Thanks to everyone!" 

(Magdalena Vyvalniuk, Ukraine) 

"All the teachers were patient and friendly, always explained everything. Individual course is perfect because it's good for everyones schedule and the success id to see easily."

(Markus, Germany)

"She never lets me back to home without she is sure that i understand everything during my 2 hours. For me that is so important. So active and smart. Everyone is young althought everyone knows what to do. Everyone smiling."

(Ahmed, Egypt)

"She is super energetic. Very fast and she is very good in what she is doing. She is very patient and tolerates a lot. The best and fastest teacher at Polonus. Basicly happy all the time.  School -> very flexible and good price. Administration is excelent and it is nice that they make social for students. They try to make everybody happy.  Great experiance, nice people, a lot of emotions."

(Christian, 33, Norway)

"There was a lot of good explanation and usage of level appropriate materials. She seemed to put a lot of effort to finding them. Reasonably priced, well-suited to my needs. 

(Adam, America)

"She was very nice teacher, good at explaining difficult subjects. Well organized, teacher provided me good materials during the lessons, it helped me to clarify subjects explaned. 

(Noemi, Italy)

"She gave examples in english which really helped me in understanding polish lessons. The lecturer was good in her work. The School gives teachers /lectures who are able to connect with the students and make learning of polish language so easy. The teaching made me talk and understand the polish language which is known to be the most difficult language."

(Betty, Kenya)

"Mrs. Kamila: She is very good teacher who explain everything clearly. She can explained many times if I don't understand.

  Mrs. Aneta: She is very nice. She use many ways to let me understand knowledge from the textbook".

Teachers are very nice. Very good service. After I have free test lesson I felt the teacher was very good. The lesson was not boring. Very good school to learn Polish. I will come back if I still want to learn Polish :)"

(Yan, China)

"Good explanation, patience, plenty of practise given, plenty of example given. Covered a great deal in a short time, good resources - not just from textbook, flexible hours.  For me course was good because I had individual courses. 

(Christine, Australia)

"Highly competent and proffesional. Most time speaking polish and good sense for the right time to explain sth in english. Very good and motivating tests. Very good teachers, much materials (which is well choosen). Teachers and organizator are flexible and helpful."

(Student from Turkey)

"Teacher was very proffesional and even tough I asked if we could talk about diffrent things to lessons plan, she was able to quickly adapt. Very friendly people. Very proffesional and flexible. Everything was great! Thank you."


"Always positive attitude to students. Rich life experience enables her to enrich lesson dialogues on variety subjects. I also should notice such unordinary way to acquainted with Polish culture as a personal example: an invitation to her wedding. Thank you Magda! Also my regards to Marta for interesting conversations about life in Poland. Time management organized in a most convenient way to me. Chat communication through skype, especially in the beginning was very useful for me.   Culture socialization events and movie in a school was also quiet nice."

(Boris, Belarus)

"Nice teachers, they ask you all the time if you understand it or not, the books were you learn from are fun and not boring, the trips were fun, it teaches you more about Łódź and Poland. The time when  I had class was good."

(Julia, 14)