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Our teachers

"My name is Kamila Coughlan. I have a passion for teaching Polish as a foreign language. This is also my choice and education. I have been teaching foreigners for 5 years. I graduated in Polish philology with a specialization in teaching Polish as a foreign language, speech therapy and teaching at the University of Lodz. In my free time I ride a bicycle, walk, sew, write, read, and observe the world. I love the pedagogical and psychological literature. I am inspired by Marshall Rosenberg, Jesper Juul, Maria Montessori and my son."

"Hello. My name is Magdalena Syrek. I am a Polish language teacher in Polonus. I am a graduate of glottodidactic and teaching studies at University of Lodz. It's amazing that thanks to my students, I can see the world, without leaving Łódź! I love my job and I hope to meet you during my classes."


"Hi My name is Aneta Lewińska and I work as a Polish language teacher for almost 3 years. I am a graduate of University of Lodz. My major were the glottodidactic studies. Teaching foreigners to speak Polish gives me great pleasure and inspires me to creative thinking. In my lessons I do not only teach the language but provide a rich background on Polish tradition and culture. I aim to create a positive atmosphere in the class which helps learn the language effectively. My greatest motivation is my student’s progress , especially if they are proud of it too."

"Hi! My name is Marta Bielecka, I'm a polish language teacher. I graduated in Polish philology with a specialization in foreign language teaching at the University of Lodz. I love my job. Every day I can meet amazing people from different parts of the world. The most I like to watch how my students speak, write and read in polish with increasing freedom. Besides, I am fascinated by mountains, sports acrobatics, backpacking, hitchhiking and every contact with nature and other people."

"Hi! My nam is Izabella Gaudyńska and I am a Polish language teacher in Polonus. During my lessons there is always a friendly atmosphere. I know that each student has different needs that is why I treat everybody individually. Students come to my class with a smile and they know that they can count on me in any situation. And what out of the school? When I have a moment for myself I hole up with a cup of tea in front of a laptop and write stories."

"My name is Magdalena Rzepkowska. I work as a polish language teacher for 5 years. I graduated in polish philology and speech therapy at the University of  Lodz. In my working with foreigners, which I love, it is very important for me a cordial contact with students and their progress, which is also motivate me to continue to work, and the opoportunity to meet people from other continents, countries and cultures inspire me. I really like skype lessons with students – it is a very good option  for those, who can not attended lessons at the school. When I have free time I like to go ice-skating, canoening, walking in the mountains, read poetry and play Scrabble."

"Hi! My name is Agata Zakrzewska-Okrojek. Teaching Polish is my job, but first of all that is my passion and hobby. During discussions with students I really love to hear stories about their culture, country, and language! We can learn from each other. I like to travel, explore new places and meet new people. During my lessons students learn vocabulary and grammar, but the most important for me is the awesome atmosphere and about that I care the most. I invite you to my lessons!"