The Valencian commission for a "fair financing" claims a debt relief in Madrid

Image result for valencian commissionThe Commission for Fair Financing of the Valencian Community has demanded from the Minister of Finance , Cristóbal Montoro , a withdrawal from the community debt , as well as the celebration of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council (CPFF) to reform the regional financing the first week of May.

The representatives of this commission, which integrates the unions CCOO and UGT, the parties Citizens, Podem, Compromis, PSPV and the employers CEV have delivered a manifesto, as well as the signatures collected and a letter at the headquarters of the Ministry in Madrid. They have also met in the Congress with Valencian deputies and senators, including representatives of the PP, who join the claim for a withdrawal and the request for fair financing, although they do not support the “form” in which it has been claimed with a letter to the minister.

In this letter, the signatories representing more than 600 political, social, and economic union organizations in Valencia request recognition of the financing shortfalls accumulated due to the malfunctioning of the current system and a compensation mechanism for it. In addition, they demand the immediate convocation of the Conference of Presidents to deal with regional financing, apart from the celebration of the CPFF.

The CEV employers, the unions UGT and CCOO, Acció Cultural del País Valencià (ACPV) and the parties PSPV-PSOE, Compromís, Podem and Ciudadanos deliver to the Ministry of Finance the manifesto for a Fair Financing
The employers CEV, the unions UGT and CCOO, Acció Cultural del País Valencià (ACPV) and the parties PSPV-PSOE, Compromís, Podem and Citizens deliver to the Ministry of Finance the manifesto for a Fair Financing (Juan Carlos Hidalgo / EFE)

It is not an act of victimhood or lack of solidarity “

The Secretary General of UGT-PV, Ismael Sáenz, has insisted that the debt accumulated by the community during years of underfunding must be subject to an “absolute withdrawal” because it is a “huge burden” from the point of view of interests. For the CCOO-PV, Arturo León, it is not “an act of victimization or lack of solidarity”, but of reforming the system to solve the inequities that affect the Valencian Community. The president of the employer CEV, Salvador Navarro, has said that it is not about being more than other communities, but about being “on equal terms” and solving the “chronic problem” of the community’s underfunding.

Manolo Mata, spokesman of the PSPV, stressed that the welfare state in Spain has “a hole of 5 million people”, which are the inhabitants of the Valencian Community, so they have come to Madrid to say: “We are fed up and enough now. ” Joan Baldoví, of Compromís, has urged to celebrate at once the Conference of Autonomous Presidents and that the Government present a proposal for a new financing model “as is its obligation”.

Podem’s spokesman, Antoni Estañ, has warned that the Valencian Community can not be allowed to continue being “the backyard of mediocre governments” and has urged to leave the competition between autonomous communities to which it considers that it wants to take the PP the reform of the financing system.

Cs and PP share the claim but avoid the photo

The spokesperson for Citizens, Mari Carmen Sánchez, has asked for a new model and reinvindicate it in the most objective way possible “without colors, without sectarianism, or ideologies”, so she has not posed in the family photo before the doors of the Congress.

Neither has been in this picture “reivindicativa” the deputy of the PP Gerardo Camps, although his party shares “the merits of the matter” which is the need to solve the underfunding of the Valencian Community with a new financing model, as well as sufficient investments, and a deduction for the accumulated debt.